Dec 1, 2010

How to Take Care of Your Heart

I am talking here Not only our body. Heart is a door of our life. Till then it remains open, we alive and when it shut down, we dies. Our life are passing through this door. Heart constant tell us that we are still alive. He sounds like, bip-bip-bip like a wall clock. Lets discuss what is heart and why.

Human heart consist of four room,two upper & two lower. Upper two (small) called right & left Olinda and lower two right & left Niloy. Unpurified blood (with carbon dy oxide) of human body comes right side of heart through different vein. From there goes to lungs (Fusfus). Lungs makes it purified with oxygen & again send it to left side of heart. Then heart make pump the purified blood to the entire cell of body through artery. Thus we can leave. This pumping of heart called as Heart bit. Blood goes slightly to heart by every pumping and each pumping (trembling) is Pulse. Doctors count it from the wrist and hear by stethoscope.

A chart of pulse rate different

Bhrune : 140-150 times per minute
Children of one year : 115-130 times per minute
Children of two year : 100-115 times per minute
Children of three years : 95-100 times per minute
Children of 7 – 14 years : 80-90 times per minute
After 15 years : 70-80 times per minute
Old age : 75-80 times per minute

Heart bit of average people are 50-56. A good hear goes slowly and same rate. A good heart does not go high suddenly due to any laborious work. Heart runs quickly when anyone become angry, hard work, low pressure of oxygen, high fever, much carbon di oxide in blood., and on sleeping time and high blood pressure heart runs slowly. Even it may stop for ever, without giving any notice.


Some times fat and other oily things including cholesterol store in the inner wall of Artery, this position is called as ATHEROSCLEROSIS. This stored things called ATHROMA or PLUCK. This PLUCK destroys the wall of Artery. Resulting elasticity of artery became lesser. Blood circulation obstructed The Pluck became thicker,,. blood could not runs easily to heart. Finally started chest pain.


Nothing.Could not understand before starting chest pain. Some times Doctors could understand by hearing heart bi and counting pulse rate.


* Cigarette totally stopped.
* Checking of regular blood pressure and treatment if require.
* Don’t gain weight.
* Less saturated food.
* Take medicine if cholesterol high.
* If not recover, then Angioplasty or Bypass Surgery.


Other Name:- Coronary Artery Disease.

What is This :- In case of hard labour or Tension, heart bit rate increase and become quicker. Then sufficient blood could not flowed to heart through Coronary Artery. Start chest pain. If you take a good rest, the pain remove after a while. This is call Stable Angina.

Why:- When Atherosclerosis and infection seen.

Symptom: We can feel a pain in centre position of chest, or slight left side, left hand and back portion. Some time it is upper portion of abdomen. It stay 5-15 minutes. The pain automatically removed after some times. The pain type is like acidity.


Due to lack of proper treatment in Stable Angina, the density and duration of pain increase. No relief comes ever after rest. In absence of immediate and proper treatment, with in few of hours Heart Attack happen.

What To Do:

* Take a good rest.
• Don’t ignore it.
• Immediate keep a Nitro-glycerine tablet (Sorbitrate) bellow your tongue.

Treatment: Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (C.A.B.G) or, Balloon Angioplasty.


Doctor’s Name:-

Myocardial Infarction.

What is This :-

Supply of oxygen in heart muscle stop and all the cells there die. It is heart attack.

Why :-

Mostly happen for Atherosclerosis. When Coronary Artery totally blocked, the blood could not flown to heart muscle. Then heart could not pump any more. 80% people suffered Stable Angina before that.


Start chest pain more high and a longer period of time. In addition, breathing problem, feeling of tiredness, body sweaty, mouth dried. Somehow the chest pain is not much. Like acidity problem, chest burn and feeling vomiting. It can be dangerous if we feel this is reason of some acidity problem.

What to Do:

* Stop your present work immediately.
• Come to lying position.
• Don’t go to the bath room or toilet.
• Take a Nitro-glycerine tablet just bellow your tongue. Wait for 5 minutes. If no relief yet, then take another Nitro-glycerine tablet bellow in your tongue. If the situation remains the same, then take another Nitro-glycerine tablet bellow in your tongue. And call a good doctor immediately.
• Don’t drive car himself.
• Start Cardiac Message.
• Don’t take any pain killer without doctor’s advice.
• Alcohol and Smoking totally stopped.


Immediate take nearest hospital and admit to I.C.C.U. Do not late the patients may die.


What it is:-

Problem to creation pulse beat, obstacle to flowing.

Why it is : -

Because of coronary attack disease, Myocarditis, Rheumatic fever.


To feel dizzy, Faint, Looking darkness all around your eyes. Pulse beat goes bellow 50.

What to do:-

* Do not go outside when alone.
• Avoid road and rail line.
• Avoid up and down to the stair case.
• Immediately call doctor.
• To take ECG, which tell the accurate position. If you take Pace Maker fast, it may totally solve instant.


What it is:-

If left side of heart pumping less, then seeing cardiac asthma In this stage water stored in


Sweating and breathing problem arises at bed time or lying position.

What to do:-

* Do not keep yourself at lying position.

• Don’t go to bath room.
• Don’t go to bed immediately after taking food.


As per heart failure, take some bronco dilator medicine.

Paroxysmal tachycardia

What it is:-

Heart beat become quicker. Specially in upper room. Some times it may seen 140-220/ minutes.


Feeling palpitation, duration at least 15 minutes or more and remove automatically.

What to do:-

* Don’t ignore it.
• Stop walking or running. Sit somewhere and take a rest.
• Immediately take one Quinidine (200mg) or Norpace (100mg) capsule. If necessary take 2 or 3 caps.

TEST: ECG and cardiac monitoring.


What it is:-

When heart could not pump blood to lungs or often parts of body.

Why it is:-

Because of rheumatic valve defeat, From coronary inefficacy, High blood pressure.


Mainly acute breathing problem. In left sided failure. No acute breathing trouble in right side failure.

What to do:-

* Don’t do any kind of labour.
• Don’t eat salt.
• Try to lose your extra weight.
• Treatment of hypertension, ischemia and your valve.
• Alcohols and Smoke totally prohibited.


What it is:- Irregular heart beat. If it is quicker (more than 100), then it is tachycardia. If it is in lesser (less than 60), then it is bradicardia.

Why it is:- Normally in coronary artery disease. Increase In exercise or tention.

Symptom:- Suddenly heart fail.

Cardiac Arrest

What it is:- When stop pumping of heart.

Why:- In Myocardial infraction. Stopping of breathing. Electric shock, Body temperature much less, abnormal bleeding, Overdose medicine.

Symptom:- Sudden faint, absences of pulse, breathing totally stopped.

Rheumatic valve disease and congenital heart disease (paediatric)

Disease of valve and heart muscle.

Symptom:- Pain in throat. It is necessary to go to doctor in case of fever and tonsils problem to child and growing age. Breathing problem since childhood.

Treatment:- Only to replace to valve.

Precaution:- Keep your child to dry and lighted place. Give good food (with sufficient food valve).

There are many more problem about heart. If any of you feel any problem related your heart, contact with your doctor immediately and consult about the problem.

Main resources and risk of heart disease.

1. To store fat in belly and hip.
2. Normal cholesterol and Triglyceride maintain.
3. Smoking
4. Excessive alcohol
5. Blood pressure
6. Uric Acid
7. Chronic bronchitis
8. Disparity of human.

Heart and Diabetes

Many a man has heart disease and blood sugar simultaneously. Sugar should be kept in normal. Other wise heart disease increase. Don’t stop medicine or insulin.

Heart and Thyroid

Hypo and hyper thyroids both are dangerous. Take eltroxin(Thyroid Tablet) in correct dose .
If it is more, heart beat quicker.

To Avoid Heart Diseases - Do or Not to Do

First avoid following food:-

Fat, Cold drink, Chocolate, Ice cream, Alcohol, Smoking (possibility of heart disease 50% remove if do not smoke), Sugar etc.


1. If 1000 mg vitamin 'C' taken daily, 25 - 40% possibility of heart diseases removed.
2. Eat low calorie food. Fiber related food like vegetables, bread etc should be taken.


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