Dec 15, 2010

Elderly People Diet: What Should be The Diet Plan at Older Age

All those elderly people who passed 45-48 years, they need a proper diet to keep them healthy and well. We notice few physically changes start from this age or more by time. Our BMI or metabolic rate goes slow than past. Decreased the amount of calories their body needs. Decreasing calories it means, they need to make a new diet chart and exercise with the appropriate food contains to maintain or balance it. Although, few elder people, not be able to get the sufficient calories. If they suffer this problem continuously, faces many problem as Depression, Chronic fatigue, Hypertension or Hypotension and their body goes too weak by days. Most pf people in this age, takes less protein from their prefer foods. This is a problematic for digestion, oral problem and dental diseases. This entire elder problem can solve if we follows a proper diet chart with few exercise.

Diet with Fiber related food

It’s recommended to add high fibre foods in our diet chart at age. When we face the digestive problem by age over 45-50 years, we need to take few high fibre foods to control this change of digestive system. Because high fibre foods probably good for our digestion. Its make a flat stomach too by cutting extra fat from our bodies. There are few other benefits taking high fibre foods. Taking fibre foods reduces the chances of high cholesterol, obesity, digestion, cardio-vascular problem, blood sugar, cancers, diabetes and as anti-fat. But remember one more thing; drink a lot of fresh water with fibre food diet.

Do Regular Physical Exercise

At the age of 45-50, most of us takes retire from work. But all those elderly people have to keep up their physical activity. Most people do their physical activity too less, that they face many breathing problem, blood pressure, heart related problem. Forget about this problem. Just do regular physical activity or free hand exercise at home. Do 30 minutes morning or evening walk 4-5 day in week. Maintain your garden. Use bicycle to go nearest market or friend’s home. Physical activities keep your blood pressure normal and your body fitness under control. Also keep your mind fresh as whole day and sleep well.

How Much Calorie Need for an Elder Person?

People start to lose their strength of muscle at this age. Reason is nothing but no or very few physically activity. Wrong diet is one of the reasons for it. Most of people don’t know properly about what kind of food they should eat and how much. So they get lack of vitamins, minerals and proteins in their body. But at this age, people need all required vitamins, protein and mineral. And of course need to arrange the required calories from food. Elderly people (for Male), who are running in 40-60 age, need around 2500 calories in a whole day. People after 60 years old and till the age of 75, need around 2300 calories in a whole day. For elderly female person need around 1930 calories at the age of 20-55, and at the age of 60-75, they need around 1875 calories.

Few Importance Tips to Do at This Age:

• First of all I want to say, make a clear diet chart with physical activity.
• Try to avoid foods contain fat and high in cholesterol.
• Do not eat any type of oily or fry food as fried rice, fried chicken, tanduri etc. Take fibre food as much you can. All those foods are good that is easy for digestion.
• Do regular free hands exercise at least 30 mins in a day.
• Make a habit of morning or evening walk.
• Stay out of any tension and hard work. Continue tension may cause of increase or decrease blood pressure. Also you can fall in any mental problem or psychiatric problem with continue tension.
• Stay out of quarrel with someone in family or friends to keep your mind well always.
• Drink a lots of fresh water, fruit juice and vegetable soup (home made is well).
• Don’t be alone since a long time.


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