Dec 24, 2010

About HIV : Prevent of AIDS, Syimptoms, Treatment And Cure of AIDS


Full Name:- Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

It is caused by a virus name as ‘HIV’. First this virus attacks the immune system in our body. Then make the body vulnerable to many kind of dangerous infections or diseases, even cancer. When somebody get infected by the HIV virus, his immune system goes damage. As the virus progress goes high- it makes the loss of white blood cells in our bodies. It means immune system gets mostly damage. It makes an ‘Anti-body’ that fights against our body. So it’s clear that this time the immune systems are no more able to fight against our infections or germs. After few weeks or months they get other infections too in their bodies. And its one type of cancer too. So here we all clear about that, AIDS is a cause of HIV infection. The researchers says, many people who already infected by HIV, remain healthy for a long time. They become sick after a many years.

HIV Found from: Saliva, Tears, Fluid, Blood contact, Semen, the milk from breast etc. If any mother get HIV infected in her body, then it can be spread her child too from her breast milk. Needle or blood sharing is also one of the reasons of spreading the infection. In operation (when need blood) and any blood donation or sharing program is most dangerous. Researchers say, the sexual contact with a ‘HIV’ infected person is one of the main reasons of spreading the infection.

HIV Infection Is Safe By Following Matter:

• Hugging each other.
• From mosquito’s bite
• If you touch the things any HIV infected person touched it previously.
• When playing a team game and there is a HIV infected player in the team.
• Hand shaking with each other.
• Talking with any infected person.


We already know that AIDS is a cause of HIV infection. If someone have this infection and do not treat yet, then his immune system become very slow and probably damage. Sometime it is undetectable when attack in our body. No symptoms observe since many years (8-10). Here I found few common symptoms of AIDS:
• Sudden fevers
• Chills (coldness)
• Feeling weakness
• Losing weight and feeling sick
• A little pain in lower bally
• Loose motion
• Headache

Most of HIV infected people face this type of symptoms after getting AIDS.

Treatment of AIDS:

• Consult with a good doctor and take the appropriate drugs that fight against the HIV virus. And stop reproducing the virus any more.
• Antiretroviral therapy (Anti-HIV) must be use to prevent the reproduction of HIV virus. Also slow down the further activities of the infection.
• Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) is very important to reduce the number of infection found in blood.

First of all emotional support need for the patient with AIDS. They need to help by other people around him or her. Don’t lose your hope after a few days treatment. Remember there is not appropriate cure for AIDS. If it is found early, then it is trying able.

How To Prevent HIV:

• Consult with a doctor or a senior person about HIV, who have good knowledge of it.
• Never take drugs by injection.
• Don’t share needles. Use each syringe for one person.
• Who have HIV positive and may spread the virus to others, do not donate your blood, plasma, organs, and sperm. Use full masks (medicated).
• Don’t try to hide about HIV if you are infected. Tell your partner about it and avoid physical activities without condoms.
• Avoid breast feeding to new born child if you have HIV. It is better if you check up about the infection before your pregnancy.
• Use protection such as good condoms during the time of sex.
• Avoid anal sex and the partner who already engage with many sexual partners.
• Stop drinking alcohol or smoking.

There is more reason and more protection for this deadly virus. I will update this thread with more details later.



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