Dec 10, 2010

Control Your Blood Pressure: High Blood Pressure and Low Blood Pressure

What is Blood Pressure:

Blood Pressure is a force which is created by our heart when it pumps or pushes blood in to the arteries. It means when our heart pumps, then blood flows through the arteries or blood vessels. It is necessary to check our blood pressure very often. You can check it at your home. Keep it mind, if your blood pressure goes high or low, then check when you are much relaxed and easy. At the time of checking blood pressure, we take only two readings. One is upper as Systolic Pressure (Heart Beats) and other is Lower as Diastolic Pressure (Rest time between each heart beats). The number of Systolic Pressure is 120-139 and the Diastolic Pressure is 80-89.

Normally we face two type of problem, one is call ‘High Blood Pressure’ or ‘Hypertension’ and other is ‘Low Blood Pressure’ or ‘Hypo-tension’.

What is High Blood Pressure:

Some times our heart makes more force to pump same quantity of blood by the same period of time. If this force or the pressure of blood increase and stay higher by the time, it can harm in our body. If we do not take care of it, then we have to face many dangerous problems in our body. High Blood Pressure is such a things that can be the reason of Heart Attack, Stroke, Kidney Failure and many other heart disease.

This is called a Silent Killer (Hypertension). Because if we have this problem since many years, and we are unable to know about this, then we may get heart attack, stroke, damage of kidney etc. Most of us suffering with this problem. Maximum person feels this problem because of eating extra salt in food, smoking a lot, and the extra fat in their body or over weight.

How To Control High Blood Pressure:

1. First of all the genetic factor is one the reason for our blood pressure high or low. I noticed that, all those people who suffering through this problem are mostly in same family members.

2. Make a routine of regular walk and exercise program in 5-6 days in a week. Exercise at least 30 minutes in a day. With this the blood pressure will be under control by you. If your blood pressure is very high, then do not excess exercise or hard work. Start with light free hand worm up exercise. Remember exercise makes your blood pressure more high for sudden period of time.

3. Avoid salt when you taking food. Most of us mix salt in food to get a good test. But eating extra salt is a result of increasing the chances of blood pressure high.

4. Avoid or stop eating red meat, such as goat, beef, pig etc. Few lean meat can be taken as chicken.

5. Stop smoking totally.

6. Stop eating all those food that contains high fat or calorie. Avoid this type of food, ice cream, any fry food, oily food, butter, the yellow part of egg, few fishes etc. Try to take green vegetables more.

High blood pressure is such a condition, if we once fall on it, then it can suffer a long period of life. Although, we can prevent this problem with a good action or procedure by physician.

What is Low Blood Pressure or Hypotension?

If someone’s blood pressure shows 90-60 mmHg or bellow, then it is call Low Blood Pressure or Hypotension.
It’s happen when the force of blood in to the arteries or blood vessels comes to be low than normal condition.

Few Common Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure:

• Dizziness

• Faint

• Depression

• Your vision becomes blurred.

• Feeling weakness most of time in a day.

• Nausea

• Breathing problem

• Thirsty

• Sleeping more

And many other problems we feel if we have low blood pressure or hypotension.

Why Low Blood Pressure?

• If we loss few excess weight suddenly in our body, then it may the reason of being low blood pressure.

• Wrong diet process.

• If we lost huge amount of blood by any reason or accident.

• If the internal bleeding in to kidney, bladder goes slow.

• Another reason is, if we suffering any frustrated or disappointed matter for a brief period of times, then the blood pressure comes down.

• Eating less food than our body needs to keep running the BMI system.

Proper Treatment and The Tips To Do:

• Drink 5-6 glass of water which contains, some sugar and salt. This drink keep the pressure of blood high.

• Make a habit of regular physical exercise. But do it with few light free hand exercise.

• Mix some salt in the hot water and take a bath with it. It will relief you for few times.

• Eat protein related food as much you can. Vitamin also need at this condition. Specially vitamin C and the ‘B’ complex vitamins.

• Try to do normal breathing all that time.

• Don’t tension about any matter. Be more positive minded with only positive thinking.

• Avoid hard work

• Don’t ride any high tools or land

• Stop drive car with very low blood pressure.

First of all if you feeling or suffering any of this blood pressure problem, consult with your doctor immediately.

~ Shamik ~


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