Dec 6, 2010

Go Ahead, have A Good Cry

Many of us don’t know that tear has a good effect in our eyes. Tear away besides lubricating the eye and flushing away debris, tears work as the same in the eye that blood does elsewhere in the body, delivering oxygen and nutrients and removing waste products. Tears also improve the image that forms on the retina by smoothing any irregularities on the surface of the eyeball. That’s why all those people with dry eyes may have blurry vision. Tears are a defence mechanism as well their antibodies, enzymes, and other immune components help to protect eyes against micro organisms.

There is much different kind of Tears in our life.

Continues or basal tears are produced for basic eye function, such as lubrication. Reflex or irritant tears occur when the eye is exposed to excessive light, cold, heavy wind, a foreign body, irritating gas(as from cut onions). Psychogenic tears are shed for emotional reasons.

So why do human cry?

I found many of experts to say, crying is a way to communicate needs and elicit attention from others, at least in early life. It release the emotional tension of life. From the research 1980s, psychogenic tears is different in composition from other tears, and its theorized that crying may be a way to rid the body of stress-related chemicals. Boys and girls cry in equal frequency. Women reportedly cry more than men. But how people express emotions, in general, depends largely on cultural and psychological factors.


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