Dec 6, 2010

The Importance of Ginger in Our Health and Life

This is a very common and useful food in the world. It is very effective in our life, include our health. It used in cooking and herbal medicine around the world. Ginger contains many interesting compounds. We are using it daily basis.The best known of these are called gingerols, which produce the hot sensation in mouth. As well as the pungent flavour and aroma. Fresh ginger or powder, adds a unique zest to many of our dish.

After a long time research, the researchers find some important compounds in ginger.

I am providing some recent finding in ginger:

• Ginger has anti-cancer properties. For instance, researchers at the University of Michigan recently found that it keeps ovarian cancer cells in bay-in test tube. This is a long way from saying the ginger can prevent cancer in humans, however.

• It can inhibit the growth of bacteria. For example, in one lab study, it reduced H. pylori, the bacteria in the stomach responsible for most ulcers and possibly stomach cancer.

• In another study says, people with asthma who took ginger reported fewer symptoms, but tests found no changes in lung function.

• Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and thus may be useful as an arthritis remedy.

• Ginger does appear to relieve the nausea and vomiting of pregnancy, motion sickness and chemotherapy. If you want to try ginger for nausea and vomiting, you can buy ginger capsules. But keep in mind, large doses of ginger may cause indigestion and nausea, rather than curing them. You can try as candied ginger or ginger in tea. Most bottle ginger in market also contains a little amount of ginger or no real ginger. So be care to buy.


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