Nov 25, 2010

Few Important Free Hand Exercise to Weight Lose

All those people who are a little healthy or over weight, and trying to lose few more weight, this topic is most important for them. This is most important free hand exercise that I believe. You can do it alone in your home. Around 30 minutes may be takes to complete all these exercise. Lets use your few extra time for your health. If you do these 5-6 exercise daily, then you will lose your few extra weights with in 1 month. It will not only make you to weight lose. It will fresh your mind for the whole day. Let’s discuss about those exercise.

Sit up

This is one of my favorite exercise for abdominal (Abs) part of the boy. If we get a strong abs, we will get a better support for walking, running and when playing something. Sit up known as Curl up, Crunch also for different countries. In my view they all work as same for abs. Now see how to do this exercise.

1) Lie on the floor with your knees bent, keep a distance of several inches between your two knees. And your feet will flat on the floor. Keep your both hand beside your ears.
2) Now Bent the upper body from your waist. Try to contact your abdominal muscles while pressing your lower back in to the floor, and lift your upper body up.
3) Keep your upper body up around 30-40 degree angel for few seconds.
4) After that, keep slowly lower your back and shoulder as the normal position of lie.
5) Do it three set, each set with 8-10 Sit ups. It mean three set = total 24-30 Sit ups.

Side Twisting

Stand on the floor and stretch you both leg beside. Keep a distance of 22-24 inches between two legs. Spread you both hand just beside of you. Then keeping your upper body down by bending from waist, and take your rite hand behind as much you can. At the same time touch your rite foot finger with your left hand. Hold 2-3 seconds. Now do the same as, keeping your left hand behind your body. At the same time touch your left foot finger with your right hand. Do it 20-25 times each set of three set in a day.

Front Back Bending

Stand on the floor. Keep a 12 inches distance between your both leg. Now up your both hand strait on your head. Keep in remind, your both hand will be up towards sky. Now bend your upper body from your waist and try to touch your foot finger. Hold 2-3 seconds. Then stand strait again and bend your upper side towards your back as much you can. Repeat this 25-30 times of three sets.

Side Bending

Stand strait on the floor and keep few distances between your two legs. Now keep your both hand up together. Remember your both hand’s finger will touch with each other. Then bend your upper body from your waist – towards your left side as much you can. But don’t bend your body in front. Do the same thing to your rite side. Do it 15-20 times of three set.


Lie Strait on the floor. Keep your both hand just under your head. At this position, raise your upper part of the body from head to shoulder up as much it possible. Hold 2 seconds. Then return back to the first starting position. Remember your elbow will not touch the ground any more. Do it 10-12 times of three set in a day.

You can add Skipping and Cycling in this exercise chart. If you have no rope for skipping, just practice it as shadow. Do it 200- 300 jumps in a day. It is also more effective for your full body worm up.

At first make a daily routine of these exercises with a good low calories diet chart. And follow it 6 days in a week. Take one day rest in a week. In this way, my challenge you will get a slim and solid fat less figure that you never think about for yourself.



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