Nov 21, 2010

The Importance of ‘HONEY’ In Our Body For A Good Health

We should make honey as our favorite food. I saw many doctors suggest using Honey regular, at least once daily. Honey is good for everybody of us, with no age limits. Honey acts a great medicine as burning extra fat in our bodies. So now it is clear that Honey is a very important thing for our bodies. Let’s have look how much and how, Honey works in our health or help our bodies.

* Honey works as a great Tonic for our Heart. You have to just mix one teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of aniseed powder and drink it one time regularly. It will strength your heart muscles and improves blood circulation.

* Honey is an excellent blood purifier and burn extra fat in our bodies. Just take a glass of light worm water. Then take one teaspoon of Honey with 3-4 drops lemon juice and mix it in the glass of worm water and drink it. Try to drink it in the first morning before you take any other food or drink. It is a great morning drink. It purifies the blood and cuts extra fat from our bodies. So try to a habit of it.

* If you think to keep well of both of your eye, then try to take Honey with Carrot juice regularly. It will help your eyes to keep cool.

* And the other side, Honey with Ginger juice is a good for Cold and Cough.

* Honey can help all high blood pressure patients to control the pressure. Just Mix one teaspoon of Garlic juice with two teaspoon of Honey and drink it. Try to take this drink at the morning and the evening, twice daily. It will control our blood pressure.

* Honey with Ginger juice makes a very well cure for Asthma and few other breathing problems. For this type of problem you have to take this drink thrice in a full day.

So, here is nothing substitute for Honey. Go ahead and collect this honey with some branded company. If it is possible, then go to any nearest village (where is a big jungle beside the village), and collect you Honey from the villagers. This type of Honey is 100% with original content.



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