Nov 24, 2010

How To Gain More Weight And Weight Gain Tips

I found many people like to gain few more weights or being healthy. It means, few more weight they want in their bodies. Many of them are really thick and few are already slim, but still they like more weight or fat. Few of them taking steroid medicine or many supplementary foods. I must say about all of those that taking this type of medicine or supplements continue, has a side effect that’s cause of many disease.

Lets have a look when or why people gets thick and growing with a bad health. Those people being under weight may face of many diseases like diarrhea and many others. 25 % chance for genetics reason. What you eating regular and when you eating them, also how much you eating. We should know all those food you taking in a day, is it enough for you, or not. Is their all of those essential vitamins, fat, minerals and all other health full thing available or not in all those food we taking everyday. You may under weight or thick coz of this reason.

Few Important Weight Gains Tips Or, How To Gain More Weight:-

This is a big problem for many people, who are very thick or under weight since they born, or the reason of genetics.
But I must like to say, nothing is impossible. Its true weight gain is very hard for few of us, but it also very easy too for few of us. Let’s share few very important weight gaining tips for you.

• First I will tell you to forget about all those daily routine you were following in past. Make your new routine with a good healthy diet chart. The diet chart with full of protein, fat, calories, carbohydrate and minerals. Remember eating food is one of main factor of weight gain or weight loses.

• Choose few healthy foods when eating. At least 2 times try to eat heavy meal. Eat high calories food like, chicken, mutton, egg, milk, fruits, ice cream, chocolate, junk food, cold drinks, soda water etc. few of those food try to eat daily, even dinner. If possible take beer at least twice in a week. But don’t over drink it.

• Follow how much calories you spending everyday. Gain more and more calories than you burning everyday. If you gaining more calories than you burning everyday, it means your body storing few extra fat in your body. It’s a good sign for weight gain.

• Sleep around 8-10 hours in a day. It is better if you are sleeping for 1-2 hours at noon after a heavy lunch. Then at the after noon eat one glass of healthy milk, a piece of fruit and few good sweets.

• Take a admission to a nearest gym and make a habit of regular exercise. Picks weight, it will pump your body mussels to increase more. Don’t leave gym suddenly after a few days or weeks or months, it may very dangerous for your health. You may get thinner before past.

• Choose all protein or healthy food in the morning at the break fast. For example, bread with butter, one banana, one half boil egg and a glass of milk is a very good break fast to be healthy or gaining weight.

• Attend every parties or invitations and don’t shame to eat there till your stomach affords it. Try to enjoy all that time when you are out with your friends.

• Don’t make yourself alone too long time. It makes you psychologically moral ness.

• Don’t think un necessary matter. The results of much thinking, is bad for your health. It may brings some mental diseases also.

I think that’s enough to gain more weight you want. Just follow all of those above points. If you still not gaining weight or getting more thin by days, then contact with good a physician or Doctor. Check up your full body after discuss with your doctor.

I will share a good diet chart about to gain weight with you some other day.



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