Nov 18, 2010

Few Easiest Way to Burn Extra Calories

I am not sure for all, but many people of us are looking for an answer "How we can gets a good and beautiful health. About a slim attractive figure." I was surrounded the past 4-5 years by these types of question. I always asked these to myself. Anyway, after a few years I got the solution to get a good looking and solid slim figure. And I got it for myself. In one line i can assure all of you that If you got extra fat on your bodies, then nothing to worry for it. you can lose your extra fat easily from your bodies. You just have to follow a good diet plan or chart with 30 minutes free hand exercise at your home. I will share it to my another weight lose topic.

Here is sharing few easiest way to burn extra calories or a little fat from our bodies with every day's program.

•> If you are at home or office, try to avoid elevators and use stairs. It will burn our extra calories.

•> When you watching TV in your home, don’t be sited too long till the shows end. Better is if you take a 1 minute worm up in side the room. Just like standing on your floor, then moving your both hands around your body twice or thrice. Go kitchen and take a glass of water or some food. Walk twice from one side to other side in side your room etc.

•> Keep walking when you going office (if near from your home) or market.

•> If you had a pet in your house, then make a hobby to walk at least 15 minutes at the early morning or evening. Take a cricket ball and play with your dog for few minutes. It will not only burn your extra calories, even your dog will be very happy to you.

•> Take your bath at your or nearest swimming pool 2-3 days in a week.

•> Use your bicycle to visit your friends house or somewhere else.

•> Go to the gym thrice in a week or take free hand exercise at your home. It will keep your mind more comfortable and active for your rest of day’s activities.

•> If you are married already, then make a regular hobby to help your wife when she working at home. Try to play sometime with your child. It will help you and your child’s health to be more strong .

•> Take a glass of fresh water at the morning at empty stomach and take breakfast after 10 minutes of drink water.

•> Clean you house or room once in a week and maintain your garden’s plants with your own hand.

This is how you can get a good health. You can do this with you daily routine works.

I will share few more important tips with you in my next update.

Best of Luck!

- Shamik


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