Nov 23, 2010

Good Weight Lose Tips And Diet Chart

Everybody knows that Fat is such a things which takes our life towords dead line. Reason of nothing but the extra or un necessary fat in our bodies are calling few very dangerous disease. After that many of us trying to lose few weights. May be till then its going too late that we fails to recovery.
If you are over weight, it means many life threatening diseases may enter any time in your life. Here my suggestion is, If you are young and you lose few weight and maintain a ideal (Slim) body, then you will not only look beautiful to others but your body will protect many dangerous diseases to enter in your life. So what we thinking about? To lose weight? Lets do it.

I am providing few very importance tips bellow that will help you to lose weight –

* At first makes a dream to do any thing for lose weight and determine about it.

* You need to set your goal and starting your first day of it, with exercise and diet both together. If you thinking for only exercise or only diet to make your weight lose program successfully, its wrong. After few days you will be frustrated, when you will see the progress is very slow. The better I like to say, make a routine with few essential exercises a good diet chart and follow it everyday.

* Don’t keep your stomach empty as very long periods of time. Specially when its afternoon or evening or going out side with friends. If you have a empty stomach then, you must go for junk food or some drinks like, Cold drink, snaks, cheaps, pizza etc. It will increase your body weight more with more extra fat.

* Try to take such kind of food, which has very low calorie or fat. Fresh fruits, vegetables as more you can. This food will not only low in fat but are also high with other nutrients and fiber which keep your body to be more healthy and lose weight.

* Take a glass of water before taking meal or dinner. After that take another glass of water after you take meal or dinner. It will be more good if you eat a plate of green salad just before lunch and dinner.

* Eat proteins, but be conscious about it. Avoid the yellow part of the eggs, oily fish, the skin of fishes its include a large amount of fat. Avoid red meats. Avoid all other high calories food totally like cheese, burger, cakes, pastries, tanduri, Chocolate, ice cream etc.

* Drink water as many u can. Try to drink 2-3 lit. of fresh water each day.

* Eat slow when you taking meals or dinner. Try to bites at least 12-14 times when you taking food.

* Don’t ever over eat . Take small food 4-5 times in a day with lots of water and low calorie fruits, but don’t eat too much food at one time. Remember one thing our bodies need energy to keep active all our body’s function properly. We gets that require energy from food. If we over eat, it means we taking excess energy in our bodies. This excess energy store in our bodies as fat.

* Drink tea or coffee, but with out sugar is the best option to get a good result for your health.

* Follow a good diet chart with lots of fresh water and fresh low calorie fruits.

* Regular exercise is another main part to weight loses, if you like gym then its well. Otherwise free hand exercise is the best at home. 30-45 mins exercise enough for a day. Just choose all those weight losing exercise and do it regularly.

* If you are too busy at office or some other job, then try to increase your physical movement as much you can. Take a 5 mins walk after every 2 hours.

* Make fresh water as your favorite drink. Drink one glass of fresh water in every one hour. Don’t shame or fear to go toilet a many number of times, and don’t reduce you drinking of water for that silly reason.

Following in this way, you will get you dream figure with in few of days. My experience say, if you follow the all above points continue 45-60 days with few good weight lose exercise, I assure you that you will lose around 4-5 kgs (depend on you) in those days.

To know more about all those essential weight lose exercise, see my weight lose exercise section.



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