Nov 20, 2010

How Many Calories We Burn With Daily Exercise and Regular Activities

I am writing this topic at 1 p.m on 20 November, 2010 after a very deep thinking about human Fitness.

Most of us unable to do any kind of exercise when they working! But my experience says,we should take daily 25- 40 minutes exercise each 5-6 days in a week.
People who are too busy in office or any other working place, they should worm up their bodies every 2 hours when working. If you are a very hard worker, then you may 1-2 times simple walk just around. Who have enough time at home (house wife), you should take a regular base free hand exercise or go to gym to maintain your bodies.

• Here I sharing with you about few very important exercise to lose extra weight or burn calories. Here are all of those Exercise name - Sit Up, Side Twisting (Twister-gym instrument), Front-Back bending, Side Bending, Crunch, Squats, Cycling, Leg Crossing, Upper Body Twisting, Free Trunk Twist, Leg Crossing, Skipping etc. I will discuss about all these exercise in my next thread.

• After reading a lots of books, I gathered few knowledge about calories gain and calories burn. About the regular works, we are doing always. But most of us don’t know how many calories we gains or burns from our regular works or exercise.

• Lets see how much calories we burn everyday with exercise or regular activities. Here the left column in that chart is, ‘The exercise and Activities we made each day’. And the right side column in the chart is, ‘The calories we burning per hour.’ Now see the chart bellow about how it is.

Exercise & Regular Activities___________Calories / Hour

When Sleeping----------------------------------------- 55
Eating Something-------------------------------------85
Working at Home--------------------------------------60
Maintaining Garden-----------------------------------250
Office Work------------------------------------------140
Housework, moderate----------------------------------160+
Walking 1 Mile/ 20 Mins------------------------------93
Tennis Practicing------------------------------------350
Water Aerobics---------------------------------------400
Jogging or Slowly Running, 5mph----------------------500+
Swimming in Pool-------------------------------------500+
Swimming in Lake-------------------------------------530
Swimming in River or Sea-----------------------------555+
Any Abs Machine--------------------------------------525
Boating or Rowing------------------------------------560
Running Fast-----------------------------------------700+ (Depends)
Skipping With Rope-----------------------------------700
Skipping With out Rope (Shadow Skipping)-------------650
Walking Slowly---------------------------------------500
Walking Very Fast------------------------------------600 (Depends)
Watching TV------------------------------------------85
Playing Badminton------------------------------------600
Ridding Bike-----------------------------------------250
Washing Room-----------------------------------------200+ (Depends)
Washing dish-----------------------------------------120
Computer Operating-----------------------------------100

We need calories in our bodies to maintain our BMI (Basal Metabolic Rate or Body Mass Index). We are Getting these required calories in our body by eating food and few from in our body’s fat. And the other side, we are burning calories through our daily works and regular activities.

If we gains much calories than we burns everyday basis, then we are inviting fat to store in our bodies. In this way, with in few of days we gets very healthy and call many problem or disease. So we should maintain this calories each and everyday.

And when we gains calories less than we burns everyday. It means our bodies managing this less calories from our fat to maintain B.MI.

Best of Luck!!!
~ Shamik~


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