May 30, 2011

How To Get A Good Health And Fitness

This is a very common question for all about how to get a good health. There is few easiest way to maintain a good health. First of all, if we think to be healthy or about our fitness, we can do it itself. I am sharing my experience after many study about this matter.


This is a main important point about our health and physical fitness. There is no good answer why people take smoke. In my view, few people do smoke because; they think its look like smart. Just for style and showing others that they are not a child now. Smoke gives us neither a good health by weight gain nor the weight loss. It effect in our not as a food, but as a dangerous drug. Which may causes of Lung Cancer. So my suggestion is to stop smoking immediately. If you cant give up it instant, then try to do it slowly. You can use some chewable gum (Nicotine Polacrilex Gum) 3-4 times in a day. It’s work.


Water is call as life. There is no substitute of water. It is the only fresh drink we use for our body. Approximate 60-70 percent fluid needs in our bodies. This water or fluid helps to work smoothly all of our system in our body. And keep all the process active in our body. So we need a lot of water in our body to keep ourselves healthy and strong. If our body becomes de-hydrates, our all activities goes slow down and we feel lazy. We become tired very soon. So we already realized that a lot of water needs our body everyday. In this way we can make a good health.


We need to take a variety of foods in our body. It will help us from illness and when we face lac of vitamins in an body. Because veach food contain different type of vita min or mineral. So we need all of them for our health and fitness. Try to eat different type of foods each day or in a week. It will protect us from many heart disease and cancer.


This is one of the parts in our body. Many people have to work hurry. They don’t give much time for work or brush their teeth in the morning. Even they do not brush at night after dinner. In this way, after few years they faces many gum disease, it may cause many heart disease, Strokes, mouth ulcer and cancer. Solution is nothing but, need to brush twice daily. Wash or clean you whole teeth twice in a year by dental doctor.


Coffee is more test full than tea. But for our health tea is very important than coffee. It protects our body from the damage of free radicals. Tea contains a huge amount of antioxidant that prevents few type of cancer and cardiovascular disease.


Exercise is the best habit to keep us healthy and fitness. Daily exercise burn our extra calories and increase our metabolic rate. It help to make a good health. You don’t need to spend many times for it. 20-30 munits enough for each day exercise. If you have less time then do it thrice In a week. Use stairs instead of lift. Work yourself at your garden. Put your alarm clock away from your bed. Thought all this way your body will be fit.


Sleep around 8-10 hours in a day. Sleep keeps our cells fresh for long time and repair weak cell in our body. Good sleep increases our metabolic rate and helps to digest. A good rest also keep our mind fresh and positive.


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