May 28, 2011

How To Make A Good Relationship

How To Make A Good Relationship

A strong and good relationship can make a great support in our life. A good relationship keep strength our health, fresh our mind. It also make us open minded when we talking or thinking g something about. Many people say that it is very difficult to maintain a good relationship between couples. In my view, if we want to make a good relationship, then we can make it very well. But we should follow few important rules in our life to get a better relationship.

Involved with each other and Support:

Lack of involvement and communication increases distance between both relationships. You should support each other when needs. May be you are not agree about the matter or work – still you have to support your partner. Sometime your partner may think about you to involve his / her present matter. But you are too busy on your work that you can’t feel him/her. It may create a distance between your relations. Try to understand your partner’s mind, what he/she thinking about. If she/he needs any help or not. Don’t wait for his/her call, just approach to help. So don’t forget to involve with each other when needs.

Honesty is the Best Policy:

What you think, you are honest or your partner? I will tell one thing for you both, be honest by yourself first. Our relationship cannot be built on lies or with out honesty.
If you can't be honest with yourself, you will never be honest with your partner. Don’t ever tell a lie, specially to your life partner. One lie will make another lie, then another. When your partner will aware about you lies, your relationship may broke down.

Understanding with each other:

Try to understand what your partner saying. Don’t act that you are listening or understanding if you are not fully. If your partner feels that you are not listening carefully or showing your busyness, he/she may hurt by you. The important thing is never refuse or cancels your partner if the matter is silly or unimportant. May be its silly or unimportant to you, but not to him/her.


Our relationship never is strong if there is a lack of trust between both. Try to trust your partner always. Keep your promises, you made it. Never give excuses in your life. First of all, our activities help a lot to make a good trust between our relationships.

Laugh and Fun:

Keep laugh often, and make your partner laugh. Try to make fun sometimes in a day when you are talking about not a serious matter. It will help you to make a great relationship. Sometimes go to cinema or a magic show just for enjoy and fun.


Love each other always. If love become fades between both, relation will no longer. I bet it. Love can forget all our wounds, our cries, our tiredness etc. Even it take cares our mood or mind for each day.


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