May 14, 2011

How To Meet First Time With A Girl Friend

How To Meet First Time With A Girl Friend

When You Making Your First Date With A Girl:

This is the moment you first time meeting with someone very special for you. May be it is special to both of you. But I will tell you to take it easy. At the first stage you don’t know about her psychology or what she thinks. How is her heart? But she is very attractive to you and you need her anyways. So don’t be afraid to talk freely with her. Ask her about which date she will be free to meet with you. Don’t fixed the date yourself. And of course, ask her the meeting place where she like to meet with you and when. Remind the date, place and of course the time to meet. Many people forget or missed the punctual time. I will discuss thoroughly about it later.

For that day, wire a casual dress which you like very comfortable. Try to choose a soft (light) colour dress. Your dress must be fresh and good looking. Polish your shoes before one day of meeting. Use a cool body spray or a sweet flavour perfume. Look yourself well in front of dressing table before leavening room. Calculate how much time it will take to reach the meeting place from your home. Be ready advance and start your journey a little earlier. I mean, keep few extra time in your hand.

Reach before 10 minutes of the meeting time. You reach first and wait for your new friend. Don’t be tent and over act. You know what you, so there is nothing extra to show her. Don’t think any third party matter in that moment. When she comes, just welcome her with a sweet smile. Move your body and approach to welcome her with smiling face. Tell her that you are very glad or happy to meet with her. Ask her if there had any problem in her journey.

Ask how she is and her family are. How many members belong in her family? Show your great honour for her family. Don’t wait for when she ask you about your family. After listening about her, tell something yours also. And don’t talk constant about you or your family. Complete it shortly with politely. Let’s go somewhere you can sit. Ask her where she will like to go, I mean any park, garden, Coffee shop or some other place.

Few Common Questions You Must Ask To Her:

• What is your hobby? And why she choosed it. After listening tell your hobby also.

• Which colour her favourite?

• What is her life aim? How is her life going?

• Which type of song she like

• When she become free in a day?

• Ask her what she like Love marriage or arrange marriage.

• Offer her to order her favourite food when you are in a restaurant. And you have to order the same food what she order or likes.

• Pay the restaurant bill yourself. But if she wishes to pay something, don’t ignore it. Let her help you few.
If you have a contact number, then give it to her and tell if she needs to talk with you, anytime can call you. If she agrees then ask for her contact number. And tell her to give a call back after returning her home. Before she leaves, ask to her about how is the first day with you. Don’t forget to say few common words before she leaves like, ‘Bye’, ‘see you again’, ‘I will miss you’, ‘I am really happy today’ etc.

After she reaches her home, if she calls you, ask her when she reaches at her home. There were any problem or not on her road to house. Then ask her, how she feels the first date with you. Is it good or what. Give a advice to her to take a rest after fresh. And atlas tells her that she can call you anytime she wants. You will wait for her call. Now end the conversation with a sweet smiley ‘Bye….See you’.

Few Important Things To Remember:

• Don’t ever tell a lie. Your one lie may create another lie. This may take your relationship as a broken situation.

• Listen more about her than you talk about yourself. Ask everything about her, if she has no problem to share with you.

• Smile often in your conversation. And make her smiley too. Smile makes the relationship more strong.

• Talk about all understandable matters. Don’t ever use a bad word or language in your conversation.

• When she talking, look at her and listen carefully with a deep attention. Don’t use any cross word when she speaking.

• Speak about the topic which she likes most. Ask her which type of topic she likes to talk.

• And last never say ‘Good Bye’. Say, “You are very precious to me and I will remember you my friend”.



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