Jan 15, 2012

Best Homemade Facial Cleansers for Every

Today I will share how to take care of our skin with few natural processes. Skin is the main part for our looking. So it's very essential to protect our skin as any cost. Here I am discussing about how to make cleanser and use it properly. Although you can use any branded cleanser too for wash and clean your face.

Cleansing: - Almond oil must be the best cleanser for us. It is specially effect on the skin under the eyes. This cleanser protect perfectly on our delicate skin eyes.

• Take a red and fresh tomato puree on your face. Left it for few minutes. Then wash it with water.

• There is another tamarind mask to clean your face. At first soak tamarind in hot water for few minuets hen wash it well and make it like a paste. Then use it gently on the skin. This tamarind mask work as good as, antiseptic. It works against grease and bacteria.

Normal or oily skin: - For this pack we need. yoghurt, orange juice and lemon. Take a full cup of yoghurt, one teaspoon orange juice and one lemon juice. Then mix tease 3 things together in a bowl. Now apply it on your face with finger. Leave it for few minutes. Then wipe away with a dry tissue. Wash skin with cold water and dry slowly.

This is for all those people who has normal white and oily skin. To make this pack you need one lemon, fresh milk and cucumber juice, the equal quantity of milk and few cucumber juices together. Now messages well on your face since 7-8 minutes. Later wash your face with cold water.

It is a good effective scrubber for those people who has dry skin. For this pack we need few oatmeal and pure honey. Take a few of cooked oatmeal and the quantity of honey. Now mix both component and make like a paste. Now you can use it on your face as a scrubber. Scrub your face since 2-3 minutes. Raines it with cold water later.

This is few homemade cleanser for all type of skins. We can apply it at least twice in a week. And after use it we need to use a very good quality moisturizer on our skin. Anyway, I will share how to make and use moisturizer in home. Lets discuss it at next article. Have a nice look and beautiful life.



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