Jan 13, 2012

Benefit of Capsicum : A Wight Loss Food

Capsicum has been used in our food for many years. Capsicum has few different names as bell pepper, paprika, cayenne and chilli. There are only 3 colours of capsicum found till now. Most of us use capsicum for flavour and colour to our favourite foods. And now a days it’s using for making many dietary supplements.

Capsicum is high in vitamins and many unique components. It is highly effective food for weight loss. It also has many other benefits in our health. I am sharing few important benefits of capsicum here.

Weight Loss:

This is one of the best and power full food to weight loss. Capsicum increases our metabolism speed up and burn extra fat from our body. It suppresses our appetite well. Try to eat at least 4 to 6gms of capsicum everyday in your food. After a research it is proved that 3gm of capsicum increased our metabolic rate up to 25%.

Digest Well:

Capsicum prevents indigestion very well. It produces a gastric juice in our stomach, which are fight against indigestion. So we are able to digest food easily.

Blood Circulation:

Capsicum helps to control our blood pressure in our body. It also helps to decrease our cholesterol. And also fight against the existing fat when taking food in our stomach.

Pain Reduction:

Researchers found that capsicum can be a very powerful medicine to decrease our old pain. Capsicum contains Capsaicin. This Capsaicin blocks the transmission of pain from the skin to spinal cord. In this way there is no more sensation of pain.

Long Lasting Hair:

Capsicum juice is very effective for our hair. It increases our hair growth. Fight against dandruff. So it is also a anti dandruff. Regular uses of it, prevents hair fall.

Relief from Cold Disease:

Capsicum contains full of vitamin ‘C’ and ‘A’. The heat of capsicum cleans and opens the congested nasal passages.

For our Skin and Eyes:

Eating capsicum regularly cleans our skin and fight against many skin diseases. It prevents many rashes, clean dark spot, dead skin and pimples. It also works fine for many eye diseases.

So here we already know about the benefits of eating capsicum. I found many Heavy weight people started to take Capsicum in their foods. Ok. Lets start eating capsicum in our regular dietary food and get the all above benefits from it.



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