Jun 24, 2011

How to Make Good Friendship? Value of A Friend

How to Make Good Friendship? Maintain Good Relationship With Your Friend

Friend is nothing but the person who is always beside you in your happiness or sorrow. Friend is the person whom you can discuss about your entire secret your problems and joy. We often share our thinking to them. In my view, there are many friends around us, but all are not the true friend I am talking about. Let’s find the true friends.

My one of the best hobby is to make friendship with new people. I am sharing my experience about how to make friendship or how to keep a good relationship with good friends.


To make friendship, play ground is one of best place. You can meet many new people every day when going to play together. Specially if you enjoy your game it will keep your mid fresh and be positive. It will improve the understanding among your team mates. Your team mates will also enjoy it within you.


Secondly, I will like to suggest to join an local organization or association and start work with them together. Before join an organization check their working subject. If you found a common subject with any organization, then you can join it. After join, try to participate with their most of work. You will find many new friends through this work.


Become a member of you local club, Library or any community centre of your town. When you gets few free time, go their and have a good time pass. You will meet many new local people their. Participate with them and their common discussion. In this way you will be more close to them. Your relation will be friendly automatically with them. Remember, your activities and participation is more important to make a good friendly relation.


This is a important part of making new friend. Make yourself free talk more with new people. Specially when you are in school, collage or club don’t keep yourself as silence. You won’t make much friend if you do not talk with your mates. Keep talking, laughing and enjoying with all people around you. In this way you will make a friendly environment.


Learn something about human body language. When you are going to meet or talk with an unknown people, then it will help you. When you are talking with some one, keep your eyes towards him/her eyes. I mean make an eye to eye contact situation. When you are talking to some one, be good listeners. If you looking around, folding your hand or legs, not giving much in interest on your partner. If your partner realized this once, you won’t make friendship with him/her.


Start your conversation with the person just beside or around you. When you are waiting at bus stop or in bus, train station or in train, look many people around you. Do not be shy or hesitate or afraid to speak with them. Go ahead and start the conversation. You can start with few common topics.

Example: - Is not it very hot today?
Can you help me for something?
Can you tell me the time please?

Ask your friends about their family. When you are meeting with your friend, ask him/her about few common questions. Make a good wish for all of them.

(1) “How are you”?
(2) “How is your family”?
(3) "What about his/her parent?"

When you are travelling in a bus or train, you will meet many unknown people around you. You can approach your friendship hand to them. Start conversation by asking few common questions. Then ask his/her name and instant tell your name also with an approaching hand. You can ask him/her where he/she going or what do he/she does. Then talk about some common matters.



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