Jun 13, 2011

What Is Cardiovascular Exercise : Best Cardiovascular Exercise



Walking is the most common and easiest exercise in human life. This is a part of cardiovascular exercise. All of then who are just starting or preparing for exercise- walking is sweet able for them. It works as a worm up of our full body before hard exercise, hard work, playing soothing on the ground.
It is too easy that we can’t realize its impact in our body or health. It is better if you make a habit of walking in every early morning. When you starting it, do it little slow. After some time walk faster than starting speed.
Walk around 30-40 mins everyday. Many people I found they started walking everyday very well, but after few of days they discontinued it. So I will like to suggest you, at first find a good partner who can wake up early at the morning with you everyday. If you get a good partner, it will be more enjoyable for both of you.


This is the next move after walking. Jogging is a form of slow running. You can jogging on the street or the ground or park with your partner at the morning. 10-15 mins jogging is very important before you starting any hard exercise. It has a great result of stress on our body. That’s why every foot ball or hockey players do jog for few mins before entering the play ground. When we are jogging our full body’s muscle are working together.


Cycling is a good exercise for our lower body. It has a great impact at our legs. Continue 1 hour cycling burn our extra calories from our body. You can try it on street, park or your garden any time.


This is one of my favourite exercises. It is very enjoy full too. Swimming makes our full body (upper & lower both) exercise at a time. Our whole main muscles involve and do a great job when swimming. It burns our extra calories or fat if we make a habit of continue swimming. Regular swimming also cures or heals our old injuries. You can do it to any swimming Pool, or any nearest lake or pond.

Try to do all above cardiovascular exercise at least 3-4 days in a week. It will not only improve your body, even will protect you from many diseases. These types of exercise are too easy that we never give a much importance for it. But it’s true If we continue it, the result will come in front of us with in few of months.

After all of these cardiovascular exercises we will move for resistance exercise. It will improve more on our body fitness. I will discuss all of those exercises at my next thread, some other day.



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