Dec 30, 2011

How To Impress A Girl : A Perfect Dating Between Girls And Boys

How To Impress A Girl : A Perfect Dating Between Girls And Boys


When you see first time a girl you like, try to tease her. It’s hard to believe that many girls like to be teased by the boys. I have talked with many of my friends (Girl) about that matter. Most of them told that they like it when boys teased them. But try to read their mood first before tease a girl. A few numbers of light hearted girls do not like it though. Best option for them is, just leave them alone and look them for few days.


Show her your best attitude. Look at her with smile. Stand or sit smartly. Offer her for some food or coffee. Walk together on the street or the garden. Don’t walk like forward- backward style.


Conversation is a very important matter between a girl and boy. When a girl is talking with you, listen to her carefully. Do not cross her line when she speaking something. Start your talk after end of her line. Give her the right answer, if she asked any question. Speak about the related topic of her or most common topic for both.


Try to respect everyone around you. Don’t judge the people you will respect. If the girls see that you are too respectful to everyone, she will like you very much.


Speak about common topic with her. Don’t talk constantly. Let her talk too. I saw many people speak about themselves most of time. But they don’t know that girls do not like it. Girls more like to talk about most common topic. Start talking about her hobby, interest, music, movie, sports, future target etc.


Try flirting her when you both make eye contact. Do not look somewhere else if you both have a eye contact. Smile on her at this moment. You can hold her hand when talking or walking on the street. It will more easy to show her that you are interested about her.


Never ignore her messages which she sends to your mobile phone. Reply her each and every messages. Do not late to reply, cause she is thinking about you that moment.

I will share few more points with all of you later. Till then just follow all of above tips. I hope it will help you a lot.



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