Sep 8, 2011

How To Be A Good Parrent

This is our responsibility to guide and take care of our child. We should take care of them after when they born to adult age. In infant age they follows us or our behavior. They watch all of our activities and keep it in their mind. So we are taking a very important role for their growing mind and character or behavior.

I am sharing here my experience about how to behave with our child pr how to be a good parent.


This is a common mistake that most of parents makes. We gives less attention to our child when they tries to tell something. But most of time we do not listen the whole matter they want to tell us. And some time we miss judge them. It strikes in their mind and may cause a bad effect on their character. I will suggest to every parent, that we should listen to our child. We need to know about what they are talking, their feeling their every act, their opinions, even when they are crying. We should follow and understand of their each and every point of action. When they are talking to us our crying in front of us, then stop your work and look at them. And any try to understand what the reason for their kind of act is.


In parent days we are too busy that we do not have enough time for our children or family. May be you are in a good position in your work place; still you have to manage few time for your family. Once in a week go out side with your family, and enjoy the whole day. Do not ignore their interest. Give their value to you. Show them how much they are important to you. Remember your child should learn your life style.


Most of parents think that their child should fear and obey to them. Some times it takes away their freedom. It has a bad effect too. In this environment, child becomes more selfish, cruel and angry after word. The fear will effect in their growing mind. They will learn or compel to hide any secret from the parent. It may take them fall in danger in their passing life. Our child should have to ask some question to us or discuss about some thing.


You should love your child. Do not let them know or any doubt about your love for them. If they gets full of love, the will learn to love every one after age. Try to read their mind and involved with their matter. Play with your child. Laugh often and make them laughter.

~ Shamik~


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